6 Game-Changing Trends Impacting Incident Reporting and How to Keep Up

What security and technology executives need to know as they become increasingly responsible for regulations and compliance

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CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, and other leaders are increasingly responsible for the growing regulatory and compliance landscape for cybersecurity and data protection in the United States and internationally, and can no longer rely solely on other teams to ensure they’re covered.

This is especially true as legal teams default to throwing people at the problem, but struggle to do so effectively with their fixed headcount. From there, leaders typically acquire technology to track requirements and coordinate response efforts if (more likely when) an incident occurs. But keeping track of all these requirements and their nuances – not to mention the many changes made to them on a regular basis – is far from easy.

Understanding the trends in these laws and what they mean in terms of proactive protection and post-incident reporting and response can help teams better prepare for what they’re up against. Given cybersecurity incidents are inevitable, proactive readiness is more than just trying to prevent incidents and more about limiting the damage and ensuring a quick, effective, and compliant response when an incident or breach does occur.

Introducing the eBook: 6 Game-Changing Trends Impacting Incident Reporting and How to Keep Up

Download this eBook, exclusively for security and technology executives in the C-Suite, to learn:

  • How laws are focusing less on personally identifiable information (PII)
  • The impact of decreasing notification timelines following incidents
  • Increased monetary penalties focusing on gross global revenue
  • How nations throughout the world are weaponizing their regulations
  • Why the risk of personal civil and criminal liability for executives is increasing
  • Which cybersecurity standards are being required by recent laws

Readers won’t just gain comprehensive knowledge of proactive incident readiness. They’ll directly support CEOs’ #1 priority — growth — by mastering what CEOs say is one of the biggest threats to their top line (cybersecurity).

Get informed now to proactively protect yourself and your business.

6 Game-Changing Trends Impacting Incident Reporting and How to Keep Up

Top trends shaping global cybersecurity & privacy incident reporting

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