BreachRx Cyber Guided Exercises™

Practice is the Key to a Successful Incident Response

Training and practice are crucial to being ready to respond to real cybersecurity incidents. BreachRx Guided Exercises™ holistically test your teams’ ability to respond to tailored, real-world scenarios based on real threats with no negative repercussions to your business and with less time than a real attack.

Most teams only prepare and practice for the security aspects of incidents, leaving them at significant risk for customer churn, fines, and lawsuits. The BreachRx Exercise Wizard helps teams include all facets of scenarios run during exercises, including the privacy and legal regulatory reporting and customer communication requirements.

Proactive preparation identifies gaps, minimizes risk, reduces costs, and cuts wasted time in an incident so you and your customers can accelerate getting back to business as usual. Are you ready?

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Cyber Readiness Exercise