Transform Security Incident Response

Always know what to do next when an incident strikes

Mature your incident response program with automated, connected procedures

Introduce best practice procedures for different types of incidents

Ensure all of your procedures are documented and automated so you can move quickly when an incident strikes and easily pull in other teams to execute as needed.

  • Ingest event details to automate response workflows, identifying what’s needed and when
  • Auto generate the list of required tasks to help your team focus on what’s most important and avoid unnecessary work
  • Expedite audits with automatically generated incident records and exercise reports
BreachRx cybersecurity and privacy playbooks and procedures

Automate your incident response for major cybersecurity compliance frameworks

Stop worrying about the risks of a poor incident reporting or notification process. Instead, easily stay on top of the rapidly evolving compliance landscape.

  • Customize response plans to meet requirements in regulations and contracts for specific types of attacks and incidents
  • Automate monitoring of your incident response program to ensure you’re always up to date with the latest requirements across a variety of global frameworks, including:
    • ISO 27001
    • SOC 2
    • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
    • FedRAMP Security Controls High Baseline
    • FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment
    • PCI DSS
    • …and many more
  • Automate incident response compliance workflows to help your team prioritize what matters most

Prepare proactively with guided cyber exercises

Ensure your team is ready for anything at any time with easy-to-run tabletop exercises.

  • Plan and run compliance exercises in as little as one hour with the automated BreachRx Exercise Wizard™
  • Partner with the BreachRx team to run a personalized exercise based on your cyber insurance policy, contract requirements, and specific regulations, capped off with an exercise summary report that includes a prioritized list of suggested takeaways
  • Help your team identify gaps, minimize risk, reduce costs, and cut wasted time in an incident

Connect everything seamlessly with your tech stack

Use the BreachRx platform as your system of record and leverage third-party API integrations to easily connect it with your existing tech stack.

  • Integrate various teams’ workflows to minimize incident costs and burden, comply with regulations and compliance requirements, and avoid fines, litigation, and customer churn
  • Minimize back-and-forth across teams with always up-to-date response playbooks
  • Create a centralized incident hub that shows which tasks need to be completed and by whom, reinforcing privilege and protecting the confidentiality of every response

Track the progress of your program and measure its improvements

Capture and report on your team’s progress using the BreachRx platform as your incident response hub and demonstrate a best-in-class incident response program.

  • Minimize the time it takes to create progress reports and no longer dig through emails, chats, wikis, and tickets
  • Identify trends in incident types and severities over time
  • Leverage centralized auditing, tracking, and measurement data to report to leadership, executives, and your board
Track the progress and operations of your incident response program and team with the BreachRx platform

BreachRx in action

Discover how leading investment bank Greenhill has strengthened its proactive incident response posture with BreachRx

“It was easy to see how BreachRx’s automation for incident response and data breach processes would allow us to proactively elevate our approach.” – John Shaffer, CISO, Greenhill

Reduce risk, recover budget, and reclaim time

BreachRx empowers security teams to get ahead of incidents, ensure compliance, and lower costs through a truly integrated response lifecycle:


Establish centralized response plans and practice regularly with the platform’s exercise wizard.

Identify & Investigate

Automatically generate tailored plans with assigned tasks and deadlines for safer collaboration.

Contain & Eradicate

Empower security to work seamlessly with business partners, maintain legal privilege, and streamline action to reduce costs.

Remediate & Notify

Easily capture actions taken and save time with detailed, fully automated incident outcome reports and audit logs.


Capture lessons learned to shorten response times, ensure ongoing compliance, and mitigate the risk of lawsuits.

Learn from the experts

Learn about the incident response and compliance challenges that global companies of all sizes face and how cybersecurity teams can better proactively prepare for these challenges.

Download the report from the independent cybersecurity industry analyst firm TAG Cyber and read more.

Discover the power of BreachRx today

Streamline your response efforts and stay ahead of the curve with automated and actionable response plans in BreachRx.


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