We founded BreachRx because breaches shouldn't end businesses.

At BreachRx, our vision is to enable organizations of all sizes to reduce risk by automating their privacy incident readiness and response.

Organizations need to stay agile by continuously assessing the impact of constantly shifting contractual and regulatory requirements. Our incident response platform creates dynamic incident response plans tailored to specific events, critical to managing incidents so they stay routine instead of escalating into a crisis.

We're honored to be recognized.

Agent of Influence
Finovate Spring 2019

Leadership Team

Proven track record with decades of experience in data privacy, security, engineering & product development, and large-scale commercial litigation and compliance.

Anderson Lunsford

Andy Lunsford
Chief Executive Officer

Matt Hartley

Matt Hartley
Chief Product Officer


BreachRx is supported by world-class investors with extensive experience in data privacy, cybersecurity, strategy, risk, and compliance.

OODA Ventures
Alchemist Accelerator

Let us help turn your breach response into a routine business process.

Streamline your incident response with the BreachRx platform

Reduce risk by automating your privacy incident readiness and response.