We founded BreachRx to take the crisis out of breach response.

At BreachRx, our vision is to enable organizations of all sizes to reduce risk by streamlining their privacy incident readiness and response.

Organizations need to stay agile by continuously assessing the impact of constantly shifting contractual and regulatory requirements. Dynamic and automated response plans tailored to specific events are critical to managing incidents so they stay routine instead of escalating into a crisis.

Our Expertise

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15+ Years in Privacy

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20+ Years in Security

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20+ Years in Engineering & Product Development

10+ Years in Large-scale Commercial Litigation & Compliance

Our Leadership Team

Anderson Lunsford

Andy Lunsford – Chief Executive Officer

Andy is a lawyer and has spent over 15 years working in privacy law and large-scale commercial litigation. Before founding BreachRx, he was a Co-founder & Director at Beacon Group and worked in compliance for Walmart.

Matt Hartley – Chief Product Officer

Matt is a 20+ year innovator in cybersecurity, threat intelligence, cyber warfare, and information operations. Before founding BreachRx, he was a Senior Vice President of Engineering at FireEye and Vice President of Product at iSIGHT Partners.

Let us help you turn breach response into a routine business process.