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Integrated Response

Integrate your incident response processes and technologies so you can act decisively when incidents occur.

BreachRx integrations for authentication, communication, notification, security orchestration, and more

Don’t use software that doesn’t respect your time. Get BreachRx and get efficient today.

At BreachRx, we know you want to continue to use your preexisting software investments in areas like authentication, communication, notification, and security orchestration. That’s why we make it easy to continue to operate where it makes the most sense while still enabling teams to come together to safely execute tailored incident response plans.

Technology Integrations







Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR

Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR



Are you a technology company interested in integrating? Reach out and let us know!

Learn more about the BreachRx API and how it’s used to support new and custom technology integrations for and by our customers.

Check out GitHub for even more examples.

Trusted Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Privacy Teams Rely on BreachRx

Leading teams proactively manage their incident response efforts in the BreachRx platform. See for yourself why independent investment bank Greenhill chose BreachRx:

“We’re working with BreachRx because we want to show everyone we take incident response seriously and use the best cutting-edge technology to prepare proactively for anything that might come our way.”

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BreachRx Integrates Teams


Launch incidents in the BreachRx platform from a variety of other systems, including intranet forms, Slack channels, SOAR platforms, and more.


Coordinate the flows of data between other systems and the BreachRx platform so your teams stay in sync and possess the right data wherever they operate.


Keep everyone aligned by notifying them where they expect to hear about new incidents, assigned tasks to accomplish, and deadlines to drive toward.

Experience the difference of a SaaS platform purpose-built by cybersecurity and legal professionals to reduce risk, recover budget, and save time. 

Integrate your incident response with the BreachRx platform

Supercharge your incident response team by integrating their ecosystem of tools and processes.