Accelerate Cybersecurity Compliance

Evolve incident response security practices to meet and exceed the demand from global compliance standards

Scale for SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, NIST CSF, and more

Know the exact steps to take to enhance your incident response for major cybersecurity compliance frameworks

Keep up with the continuously changing security compliance landscape and stop stressing about the risks of incident impacts.

  • Automate incident response and guarantee you’re always up to date with the requirements across a wide range of stringent global security frameworks, such as:
    • SOC 2
    • ISO 27001
    • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
    • FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment
    • HIPAA
    • NIS2
    • CMMC
    • FedRAMP Security Controls High Baseline
    • …and many more
  • Guided incident response compliance workflows enable your team to focus on what matters most and quickly achieve accreditation

Exceed compliance requirements for communication during incidents, and not just the response

Accelerate the ability to affirm to auditors the ability to communicate effectively to internal and external parties during an incident with the BreachRx platform.

  • Know immediately the appropriate internal teams, leadership, executives, and even board members to include based on the type and attributes of every incident
  • Leverage the included library of global regulations, law enforcement contacts, and ability to capture contractual and insurance requirements and appropriate deadlines
  • Demonstrate to auditors past exercises and incidents that cover all compliance requirements with automated reports for attestations that propel rapid certification
Leverage the regulatory library in the BreachRx platform and capture requirements from contracts, insurance policies, and other guidelines.

Centralize incident response for the entire organization

Pull together all relevant internal and external players for maximum efficiency, streamlined coordination, and effective communications during every response.

  • Capture incident details and leverage automatically-generated guided response workflows that delineate what tasks are required and what deadlines must be met
  • Exercise the entire team using a range of BreachRx custom playbooks that span a wide range of security threats and data disclosures
  • Speed up external audits, customer surveys, and regulator checks with automatically generated incident reporting, incident and exercise records, and program metrics

Assess risks to the organization, its employees, and customers proactively

Every common compliance framework requires regular evaluation of programs and procedures to confirm their ongoing effectiveness and drive continuous improvement. Using the BreachRx platform to:

  • Manage and eliminate incident risks ahead of their impacts and optimize your ability to demonstrate compliance faster
  • Reduce the need for outside consultants and counsel by automating your efforts and making them routine
  • Leverage Regulatory Risk Assessments™ and Guided Exercises™ to ensure you understand the impact of the 180+ laws in 120+ countries on your data

Reinforce legal privilege and separate your actions from your communications

Employ the BreachRx platform as a safe haven outside potentially-compromised networks and uphold legal privilege.

  • Separate the factual record in every response from the strategic and protected communications
  • Move out of IT incident management tools and chat systems that will compromise your ability to protect the entirety of the response
  • Maintain a clear record of what steps were legal team directed and demonstrate that they go beyond routine activities

Protect customers and go back to growing your business

Compliance shouldn’t be a chore. Discover how proactive, automated incident reporting and response is a competitive differentiator and a compliance accelerator.

“Digging around and updating old documents, spreadsheets, and emails wastes time better spent on sales,” said Bicheng Chen, CEO and CTO of CPNet, a fast-growing leader in artificial intelligence for industrial manufacturing. “With the BreachRx platform, we now have a report on hand that thoroughly demonstrates we exceed our compliance incident response requirements and protect our customers, which lets us focus on advancing our product and growing our business.”

Reduce risk, recover budget, and reclaim time

BreachRx empowers organizations to quickly and comprehensively comply with the incident management requirements across all global security and privacy compliance frameworks, build trust with customers, and lower cost through three simple steps:

Select relevant frameworks

Select the cybersecurity and privacy compliance frameworks, such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, NIST 800-171, CIS Controls, FFIEC, and more, that apply to your business.

Act with guided workflows

Leverage best-in-class BreachRx libraries of tasks for each compliance framework by following each guided workflow and get to 100% compliance in hours, not days.

Generate reporting for auditors

Automate report generation for auditors specific to each compliance framework to show full compliance. Easily include the appropriate evidence to streamline accreditation.

Learn from the experts

Learn about the compliance challenges around incident reporting and response that global companies of all sizes face and how cybersecurity teams can better proactively prepare for these challenges.

Download the overview from BreachRx and discover more about overcoming compliance challenges.

Discover the power of BreachRx today

Streamline your response efforts and stay on top of cybersecurity compliance requirements with guided, automated workflows in BreachRx.