Automate Global Regulatory Requirements

Deliver more efficient and scalable incident notifications

Reinforce legal privilege and increase regulatory and contractual coverage for incident notifications

Easily capture actionable requirements for global regulatory procedures

Reduce time spent keeping up with the complex global web of 180+ cybersecurity, data breach, and privacy regulations using the extensive library BreachRx always keeps current.

  • Quickly identify needed next steps and take action quickly with response requirements broken down by task and deadline for relevant regulations
  • Ensure you meet the nuanced requirements of global cybersecurity, privacy, and data breach notification laws, including
    • GDPR
    • CCPA
    • LGPD
    • NYDFS
    • HIPAA
    • … and many more
Leverage the regulatory library in the BreachRx platform and capture requirements from contracts, insurance policies, and other guidelines.

Reinforce legal privilege during incidents

Shift responses from potentially-compromised environments to the protected BreachRx platform and reinforce legal privilege.

  • Separate on- and off-the-record communications easily
  • Maintain clear proof of actions directed by a legal team and proof that those activities extend beyond routine business
  • Effectively identify and classify “events” vs. “incidents” vs. “breaches”
Converse strategically, separating privileged conversations from the factual record of responding to incidents

Introduce a centralized platform for response activities

Rely on the BreachRx platform as the core hub for capturing regulatory, contractual, and insurance requirements and orchestrate workflows across the incident lifecycle accordingly.

Coordinate and collaborate during incidents while protecting legal privilege
  • Ingest event details to automate response workflows, identifying what’s needed and when
  • Auto generate the list of required tasks to help your team and any outside counsel, auditors, and consultants focus on what’s most important and avoid unnecessary work
  • Expedite audits with automatically generated incident records and exercise reports

Run ongoing risk assessments internally

Easily assess liability across a variety of potential incidents and breaches to better prepare your company and protect against the associated long-tail legal and regulatory costs.

  • Immediately understand the impact of new data the company plans to collect or old data it has already collected in a variety of situations that might occur
  • Familiarize your teams with the knowledge and processes needed to respond with BreachRx Regulatory Risk Assessments™ to ensure they’re ready to face real-world threats
  • Reduce the need for outside support on routine incidents
Proactively assess the risk of potential incidents and breaches with the BreachRx Regulatory Risk Assessment (TM)

Track and report on the improvements to your program

Track, analyze, and report on the progress your team makes with the BreachRx platform and demonstrate a best-in-class incident notification program.

  • Streamline the process of producing progress reports and stop searching through emails, chat, and notes from conversations
  • Capture incident notification trends over time
  • Use BreachRx to consolidate auditing, monitoring, measuring, and reporting to management, executives, and your board
Track the progress and operations of your incident response program and team with the BreachRx platform

Evolve from incident response to proactive readiness

Every company deals with incidents; it’s how you respond that sets your company apart. Discover what it takes to assume a proactive posture.

“In-house teams cannot scale with the rapid pace of change in the global regulatory landscape by hiring alone. Teams need to recognize the future of work demands solutions like BreachRx that combine automation and expertise.” – Chris Donewald, Director and Managing Counsel for Privacy, Trust, and Partnerships at Affirm

Reduce risk, recover budget, and reclaim time

When the inevitable data breach occurs and you need to make notification decisions within hours, manually reviewing 180+ global regulations is not an option. BreachRx reduces this regulatory analysis from multiple days to minutes, so you know immediately which regulations apply, how long you have to notify, and the method and format of that notification.

All it takes is three simple steps:

Describe your data

Get proactive with pre-built data sets or enter data attributes once an incident occurs and the characteristics of the data involved are clear.

Select incident details

As your team becomes aware of what occurred, select the type of incident and add any additional details at any point as they are discovered.

Automatically match regulations and tasks

BreachRx automatically lists the regulations and high-level tasks that apply to the given scenario.

Learn from the experts

Learn about the trends in incident notification and reporting that global companies of all sizes face and how legal teams can better proactively prepare for these changes.

BreachRx 6 Game-Changing Trends Impacting Incident Reporting and How to Keep Up

Download the report from BreachRx and learn more about trends legal teams face.

Discover the power of BreachRx today

Streamline your response efforts and stay on top of regulatory and contractual requirements with detailed, centralized response plans in BreachRx.