Automating the Privacy, Compliance and Legal Aspects of Cyber Incident Response: An Overview of BreachRx

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“The BreachRx platform provides automated support that can streamline and simplify response, reporting and mitigation approaches consistent with applicable policy, government and regulatory requirements.”
- Dr. Edward Amoroso, TAG Cyber

Managing incident reporting and response, keeping track of constantly changing regulations, and adhering to the spectrum of compliance requirements globally makes conducting business a real challenge for companies worldwide. With BreachRx, organizations can quickly get compliant and prepared so they can act decisively when future incidents occur and get back to focusing on their business.

Download the report from the independent cybersecurity industry analyst firm TAG Cyber and learn:

  • The incident reporting and compliance burdens that companies of all sizes face
  • How security teams are not well-positioned to deal with this required incident response work
  • Why manual processes don’t scale and how the BreachRx platform automates and streamlines reporting and response handling
TAG Cyber report