How will you handle a privacy incident when one occurs?

Streamline and Automate Your Privacy Incident Readiness & Response Processes.

Dynamic Readiness


Leverage tailored response plans that update automatically when changes occur to relevant regulations, controls, policies, and contracts.

Stop relying on a single static plan you rarely use or update.

Rapid Response


Hit the ground running when an incident occurs with automation to meet the rapid notification timelines of the modern global regulatory landscape.

Don’t throw more people at the problem.



One platform and one system of record purpose built specifically for the privacy team by legal, privacy, and security experts.

Move beyond spreadsheets, Google docs, and ticketing systems designed for other purposes.

Save Time


Proactively prepare to identify risks, lower response costs, reduce outside counsel expenses, and increase efficiency.

Save precious time by transforming your crisis into a routine process.

Serious breaches occur every minute.
It’s not a matter of if, but how often.

Study after study reveals that most C-level executives believe they are prepared for cyber incidents. In reality, even teams with what they believed to be detailed, tested plans found they were not prepared when confronted with an actual incident.

Perception vs Reality

Regulators no longer allow companies to ignore breaches and are enforcing rapid notification timelines and penalizing companies by as much as 4% of their annual global revenue for not using best practices.

Don’t become a statistic – use BreachRx and get prepared today.

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Dynamic Privacy Incident Readiness & Response

Organizations need a new type of solution, one that streamlines and automates their preparation and response processes.