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Incident response records are now audited like financial records. Are you ready for the new era of accountability?

The BreachRx intelligent incident response platform provides operational resilience for the entire enterprise, streamlining incident response for every team. Automatically generated tailored incident response plans provide targeted guidance to relevant stakeholders before, during, and after incidents along with the audit trail to prove it.

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Dynamic Readiness

Achieve Dynamic Readiness

Introduce response plans that update automatically when changes occur to relevant team procedures, business plans, regulations, controls, policies, and contracts.

Shed your static paper response for a tailored actionable plan.

Accelerate Your Response

Hit the ground running when an incident occurs with automation to withstand the accelerating threat environment and tailored plans that align with the rapid notification timelines of the latest global regulations.

Recover faster with less effort using detailed, precise plans.

Rapid Response

Protect Legal Privilege

Consolidate your efforts in one system of record purpose-built by security, legal, and privacy experts and improve control and visibility.

Stay organized and maintain privilege when it matters most.

Get Proactive

Proactively align to best-of-breed cybersecurity compliance frameworks, identify risks, increase efficiency, reduce outside counsel and consulting expenses, and lower program costs.

Transform incident reporting & response into a routine process and save time.

Save Time
Don't become a statistic

Are you prioritizing & integrating areas outside security?

Incident response is a business problem. Most organizations consider it a security problem and believe they are prepared for cyber incidents because they have invested in security defenses. However, 70% of the cost of an incident is shouldered by legal, communications, and other teams, rather than the security organization.

The modern era requires a more proactive approach

The status quo of incident response is manual, reactive processes that create chaos. As cybersecurity, privacy, and data breach regulators aggressively punish companies with bad responses, organizations need proactive, automated processes that bring order to the chaos before, during, and after incidents. BreachRx operationalizes responses across the entire business and provides the audit logs to prove it.

Incidents and breaches have become an endemic problem.

The BreachRx intelligent incident response platform provides operational resilience for the entire enterprise, streamlining incident response and ensuring compliance.

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Get started before it’s too late

Organizations need a new approach: One that streamlines and automates preparation and response with dedicated incident response software. The BreachRx incident management platform makes it easy.