BreachRx Dynamic Incident Readiness & Response Platform

Take control, get organized, and exceed expectations with our software as a service incident response management platform

BreachRx reinvents privacy incident readiness and response

Transform your incident and data breach response processes with dynamic incident response plans that are always up to date, automated actionable workflows designed specifically to accelerate privacy team processes, and the best central system of record that reinforces legal privilege for all your response actions.

Reduce risk, recover budget, and reclaim time.

Dynamic Incident Playbooks

Build incident response plans tailored to your common privacy incidents and the BreachRx platform will ensure they are continuously kept up to date to enable you to shorten response timelines.

Automated Workflows

BreachRx guides your team through a privacy incident, automatically assigning the appropriate tasks to teams and providing built-in collaboration needed to demonstrate a best practice approach to regulators.

System of Record

The BreachRx platform automatically captures all relevant activity to help you strengthen and reinforce legal privilege and prove to regulators and partners you took the right actions at the right time.

Transform your incident response with the BreachRx platform

Know exactly what to do when and supercharge your incident response team.