Webinar: Don’t Let Your Cybersecurity Risks Haunt You

The number of attacks businesses face is rising, and companies need to recognize that it’s not a matter of if, but when. While we constantly fear the megabreach and other major security events, like ransomware and nation-state attacks, it’s far more likely we’ll face smaller incidents like misdirected emails and business email compromise that we think we’re prepared for but most commonly are not.

Hear from Anderson Lunsford, BreachRx CEO & Founder, and Heather Soukas, Technical Solutions Attorney at LinkSquares, in this previously-recorded webinar to learn:

  • Quantitative data on recent incidents and breaches and their impact to companies
  • The most common cybersecurity risks you face
  • Questions to ask yourself to test your preparedness
  • How contracts are an often-overlooked facet of your cybersecurity posture
  • And much more!

Leverage real-world data, best practices, and lessons learned from hundreds of incidents to prepare and ensure incidents do not impact your business so you can return to business as usual as quickly as possible.

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Webinar: Don't Let Cybersecurity Risks Haunt You