Incident Response Preparation

Know exactly how you’ll respond to an incident before it ever happens

Serious breaches occur every minute. Is your team prepared for the inevitable?

Avoid joining the growing number of businesses paying millions of dollars in financial penalties. Instead, get proactive about your incident response with the BreachRx incident management platform.

Achieve proactive & dynamic readiness

Be ready to respond to an incident confidently and effectively at any time to reduce costs, save time, and protect your brand reputation. BreachRx helps you stay proactive and adjust plans as regulations, contracts, and external threats evolve.

Dynamic Playbooks

Don’t waste time reviewing and modifying paper incident response plans on the fly when an incident or data breach occurs. Prepare ahead of time by creating actionable playbooks in the platform that enable you to execute a tailored response immediately.

Around the World

Regulatory Tracking

Ditch spreadsheets of regulations for incident response management software that automatically stays up to date with a library of global regulatory requirements, customizable to your risk posture.

Organization & Visibility

Capture and update contractual obligations in a single place, eliminating the need for a mad scramble to find and manually review contract terms at the time of an incident.

Contractual Agreement

Upgrade Your Incident Response

Reactive with Status Quo

  • Rarely used static and generic plans
  • Mad scramble to conduct manual review when incidents occur
  • Insecure and asynchronous phone calls and emails
  • Disorganized chaos without stakeholder accountability
  • Erosion of attorney-client privilege

Proactive with BreachRx

  • Dynamic and tailored plans
  • Automated and actionable response playbooks to jump into action
  • Safe haven for real-time communications
  • Central system of record with defined stakeholder responsibilities
  • Attorney-driven platform that strengthens privilege

Make your incident response plan actionable with the BreachRx incident management platform

Achieve dynamic readiness and reduce organizational risk of incident and breach impacts.