Greenhill Strengthens Proactive
Incident Response Posture with BreachRx

Learn how the leading investment bank is getting ahead of
privacy and security incidents

Download the Incident Response Case Study

“It was easy to see how BreachRx’s automation for incident response and data breach processes would allow us to proactively elevate our approach.”
- John Shaffer, CIO, Greenhill

Managing incident response programs and keeping up with ever-evolving regulations is never easy, and doing business in a variety of countries and states only makes it more difficult. However, using BreachRx, trusted organizations such as Greenhill are able to get ahead of incidents and act decisively when an incident does occur. 

Download this case study to learn how Greenhill has:

  • Used automation and actionable playbooks to save their organization time and effort and fulfill legal and contractual obligations
  • Improved inter- and intra- team coordination by centralizing communications
  • Gotten ahead of incidents by migrating their entire incident response program to the BreachRx platform
Case Study