Accelerate Data Breach Recovery

Prevent the long tail of an incident from getting longer

Organizations spend over $12.6B on data breach recovery, with 70% of that spend focused on long tail response outside security.

But the faster your organization recovers from an incident, the more you’ll save in long tail legal costs, damage to brand reputation, and employee productivity. The BreachRx incident management platform can lead to a savings of over $1M per incident by supporting a proactive response that accelerates recovery.

Accelerate your return to business as usual

Keep everyone aligned on incident response plans and provide detailed visibility into what needs to happen and what’s already been done to accelerate recovery. Give your team the necessary insight through the BreachRx incident management platform.

Measure Progress

Don’t leave your organization at risk because of a lack of awareness of incident trends. Track and report important metrics about the types and frequency of incidents and team response efficiency.


Increase Stakeholder Awareness

Include all stakeholders in the incident response process and keep them updated in a language they understand. Get executive support for your privacy program by making leadership a part of how you reduce risk for your organization.

Streamline Process

Don’t rely on your email history and memories of activities during a hectic incident. Review outcomes and easily incorporate lessons learned to continually improve your response process.

Team Process Improvement

Don’t Become a Statistic

47% of US companies experienced a data breach within the last year. The majority of those companies were left scrambling to respond and recover.

The incident response status quo does not meet modern organizations’ needs. Generic, paper-based response plans become outdated too quickly and lack any kind of actionability, but modern technology can help.

The BreachRX incident management platform enables organizations to get proactive about privacy to respond better and recover faster — saving millions of dollars in costs, time, and reputational damage.

Make your incident response plan actionable with the BreachRx platform

Achieve dynamic readiness and reduce organizational risk of incident and breach impacts.