Recover from data breaches

Accelerate your return to business as usual
Prevent the long tail of an incident from getting longer


Track important metrics about the types and frequency of incidents and ongoing work and team efficiency overcoming them. Don’t be left at risk of a major breach because of a lack of awareness of incident trends in your organization.

Stakeholders Connected


Include various stakeholders in the process and keep them updated in a language they understand. Get executive support for your privacy program by detailing and making them a part of how you reduce risk for your organization.


Review outcomes and easily incorporate lessons learned to continually improve your response process. Don’t rely on your email history and team memories of activities and actions during a hectic incident.

Team Process Improvement

Find out how to strengthen incident readiness with the BreachRx platform

Help your incident response team succeed with the BreachRx platform

Capture what’s critical and shorten your incident response long tail.