Reduce Your Clients' Security & Regulatory Risk with BreachRx

The BreachRx incident management platform helps organizations of all sizes reduce risk by enabling a best-in-class incident response program.

Become a BreachRx partner to help your clients shorten response timelines, strengthen legal privilege during and after an incident, and accelerate returning to business as usual.


Join the Future of Incident Management and Response

Data breaches and incidents are inevitable for all organizations. BreachRx automates the delivery and execution of tailored incident response plans to enable client and partner teams to enhance and extend their current capabilities.

How it works


Enable clients to proactively prepare for incident response so you both can jump into action when needed with playbooks that dynamically update based on regulatory changes and contractual obligations.

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Respond effectively to incidents with a secure, coordinated approach for you and your client, complete with actionable playbooks tailored to any situation, auto-task assignment, and a safe haven for communications.

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Keep everyone aligned on incident response plans and provide detailed visibility into recovery efforts through KPI reporting and insights on areas for process improvement going forward.

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The BreachRx Partner Program

BreachRx partners with law firms, consulting firms, and other advisory firms to bring safer and more efficient incident response to clients. Joining our partner network allows your team to optimize your relationships as outside advisors by giving your clients advanced technology that benefits both your team and theirs.

Benefits for Partners and Their Clients


  • Streamline eradication of threats
  • Centralize incident response programs
  • Mitigate risk of class-action and derivative lawsuits
  • Avoid compliance failures that result in regulatory fines
  • Strengthen legal privilege during and after an incident
  • Shorten response timelines to meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations


  • Amplify your customers’ privacy and consulting budget
  • Curtail client costs by reducing the need to hire
  • Free up your staff from the mundane to focus on high-impact activities


  • Increase productivity through proven automation
  • Optimize customer relationships
  • Minimize manual review
  • Accelerate return to business as usual

Improve incident response and strengthen relationships with BreachRx

Help your clients reduce risk and strengthen privilege. Approach incident response more confidently and effectively with BreachRx.