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The BreachRx partner ecosystem is based on our partners’ primary business areas: compliance, consulting, legal, technology.

BreachRx Partner Program

The BreachRx Partner Program is designed to enable insight and collaboration to help our joint customers strengthen cybersecurity and data protection procedures, shorten response timelines, uphold legal privilege, accelerate achieving compliance, and proactively reduce risk.

Help customers know exactly what to do when incidents strike

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Value to Partners

Deliver leading-edge offerings to drive new business, establish a competitive advantage, and demonstrate enhanced business value for customers.

achieve cybersecurity compliance

Compliance Partners

Accelerate Audit & Compliance using the BreachRx Platform
BreachRx compliance partners, including accounting and audit firms, certified public accountants (CPAs), and compliance preparers, accelerate their clients ability to prepare, attest, and certify to the full breadth of incident management and response requirements, including cyber exercises, across all global cybersecurity and privacy compliance frameworks.


Consulting Partners

Implement, Leverage, Refer, and Resell BreachRx Products
BeachRx consulting partners, including advisories, boutique speciality firms, consultancies, global systems integrators (GSIs), insurers, managed service providers (MSPs), regional systems integrators (RSIs), resellers, and virtual CISOs (vCISOs), enhance our mutual customers’ journey with advisory, implementation, procurement, support, technical, and training services.

Stakeholders Connected

Legal Partners

Engage, Enhance, and Streamline using the BreachRx Platform
BreachRx legal partners, including alternative legal service providers (ALSPs), law firms, and private practices, enhance customer relationships, demonstrate innovation and thought leadership, and grow their proactive practices through the BreachRx platform and its included legal expertise libraries.


Technology Partners

Integrate with the BreachRx Platform and Expand Value for Customers
BreachRx technology partners, including cloud service providers (CSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, align their software or solutions with the BreachRx platform, to provide joint offerings of significant value to customers.

Evolve with the rapidly changing cybersecurity & data protection regulatory environment

The complex web of 180 cybersecurity, data breach, and privacy regulations in 120 countries around the world is challenging for even the largest, most well-funded teams. BreachRx partners differentiate their businesses from the competition that isn’t keeping up.

Empower customers to reduce risk, recover budget, and reclaim time

BreachRx partners help their clients build trust and reduce costs across these five initiatives and more:


Enable clients to proactively prepare for incident response so you both can jump into action when needed with playbooks that dynamically update based on regulatory changes and contractual obligations.

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Help customers automate IR compliance for major global cybersecurity frameworks by building and demonstrating a best-in-class incident response program in hours rather than rely on spreadsheets and policy documents.

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Respond effectively to incidents with a secure, coordinated approach for you and your client, complete with actionable playbooks tailored to any situation, auto-task assignment, and a safe haven for your mutual communications.

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Work together to recover operations while keeping everyone aligned on incident response plans and provide joint, detailed visibility into efficiencies and recovery efforts using KPI reporting and insights on areas for process improvement.

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Streamline practice and measurably reduce the cost of incidents and breaches for clients with BreachRx Guided Exercises™ that holistically test the client’s ability to respond to tailored, real-world scenarios
based on real threats.

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Join a collaborative and innovative partner ecosystem that delivers impact and value for global customers.

Partner with BreachRx and strengthen your relationships with your clients while helping them protect their customers more efficiently and effectively reduce risk.