BreachRx Cyber RegScout™

For Proactive Regulatory Intelligence & Analysis

Data breaches are an increasingly pervasive problem companies face today. Regulators have responded by creating a complex global web of 180+ cybersecurity and privacy regulations—many with compressed timelines for incident reporting and steep penalties for blowing strict deadlines.

Customers and partners are also joining regulators in demanding companies of all sizes demonstrate security and compliance before engaging in business.

Dive deeper into augmenting your team to track and rapidly analyze required regulatory requirements so they can get back to business.

Download this overview to learn:

  • How automation can simplify cybersecurity, data breach, and privacy regulation analysis
  • Why prioritizing regulatory requirements is a fundamental requirement for businesses today
  • How to quickly identify what matters, and exclude what doesn’t
  • Ways legal and compliance teams are coping with this rapidly evolving landscape

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Cyber RegScout Overview