Webinar: How to Get the Privacy Tools Your Team Needs

The cost and frequency of breaches and privacy incidents is increasing, while regulation is driving down the time to notify. Modern privacy organizations are seeking solutions to help their teams get proactive in their incident response and management, but navigating the procurement process can be difficult.

BreachRx surveyed privacy experts from high-growth to Fortune 500 finance, technology, health care, and other regulated companies about how they buy the technology that they need quickly and easily in today’s evolving privacy landscape.

Hear from Sarah Statz, Chief Cybersecurity Counsel at American Express & BreachRx Advisor, and Anderson Lunsford, BreachRx CEO & Founder, in this previously-recorded webinar to learn the results of the survey and:

  • Why privacy teams need privacy tech, especially when it comes to incident response
  • How to empower the privacy team with best practices for a smooth procurement process, including getting building the business case and getting buy-in internally
  • How to maximize the ROI from privacy tech investments to reduce risk and cost
How to Get the Privacy Tools Your Team Needs

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