BreachRx and Aleada Consulting Join Forces to Scale Businesses’ Growing Privacy and Data Protection Programs

The joint offering helps CEOs and Legal Counsel mitigate the risk of their top business threat: privacy and security incidents.

UNITED STATES, March 30, 2022 — BreachRx and Aleada Consulting (“Aleada”) are teaming up to help businesses proactively establish, mature, and scale their privacy and data protection programs.

The partnership announcement comes on the heels of President Biden’s signing the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022 into law, the latest of a growing number of privacy regulations worldwide. With over 180 privacy regulations across 128 countries, and more on the way, privacy teams around the globe are scrambling to grow at the pace of regulatory developments.

The regulatory risk is compounded by customer pressure on businesses to prioritize their privacy. In fact, nearly half of consumers feel unable to protect their privacy, and a third have become “privacy actives,” leading them to switch companies or providers over their data practices. It’s no surprise that CEOs are citing privacy incidents as one of the biggest threats to the top line. Teams are juggling as many as hundreds of incidents a week, which is costing them millions of dollars. Consequently, privacy spending is increasing 30% year over year. 

As privacy and data protection become a business imperative, privacy and data protection departments are under pressure to scale to enable the business. However, scaling through additional headcount and spending is not only cost prohibitive, but also difficult given the limited number of skilled privacy professionals.

The Aleada and BreachRx partnership provides companies with a more efficient solution. The joint offering augments in-house counsel with best-in-class technology providing on-demand privacy and data protection intelligence and operational expertise from the industry leaders. It also includes co-developed playbooks that help businesses prepare for and respond to privacy events, including new regulations and cyber events.

“Aleada’s partnership with BreachRx will help our market-leading clients get more proactive in their privacy and data protection posture,” said Kenesa Ahmad, Aleada Partner and Co-Founder. “Today’s top performing privacy and data protection teams go beyond the legal minimum to enable the business. The BreachRx platform provides a centralized workspace for these teams to collaborate across functions and get ahead of ever-changing regulations and contractual obligations.”

Anderson Lunsford, BreachRx CEO & Co-Founder remarked, “Our partnership with Aleada provides our customers with best-in-class expertise for building a high-performance privacy program that fortifies trust with customers and regulators alike. This additional support will accelerate customers’ journeys to a more proactive posture.” For the enterprises and high-growth tech unicorns in the BreachRx customer base, preparing for changes in the privacy landscape is critical to minimizing regulatory risk.

“Solutions like this one should be foundational for every privacy and security team,” commented Chris Donewald, Director and Managing Counsel of Privacy, Trust and Partnerships at Affirm. “In-house teams simply cannot scale at the pace of regulation by hiring more humans alone. Solutions that combine technology with expertise on demand will help privacy and security teams get ahead of increasing volumes of global regulation.”

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About Aleada Consulting

Aleada Consulting is a women- and minority-owned company in the Bay Area with a diverse team of compliance professionals, auditors, privacy and information security experts. They work hand-in-glove with companies across the globe to wrangle privacy and information security compliance into products and operations to keep businesses safe and resilient, ready for success. For CEOs, general counsels, overworked privacy and risk professionals and CISOs in fast-growth and mature companies, Aleada Consulting is the trusted partner companies call to help build privacy and information security compliance programs.

For more information, go to or visit us on Twitter @AleadaPrivacy.

About BreachRx

BreachRx ( empowers privacy and legal teams to get ahead of privacy events. The privacy incident management platform helps businesses proactively reduce risk by moving them beyond traditional spreadsheets and documents into a centralized SaaS workspace. The platform uses automated workflows to help them prepare for and keep track of evolving regulatory and contractual obligations. The platform strengthens privilege protections in ways that traditional alternatives cannot. Built by legal and security experts for their peers, the company was founded by Anderson Lunsford, CEO, and Matt Hartley, Chief Product Officer.

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