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UNITED STATES, October 11, 2022 – BreachRx, the leading incident reporting and response platform, launched a major addition to its software-as-a-service platform that puts unprecedented power into the hands of fast-growing businesses with security compliance needs.

Companies know that by complying with SOC 2, ISO 27001, and other cybersecurity and privacy frameworks, they can demonstrate a serious commitment to protecting their customer’s data. This, in turn, helps them generate sales growth, the lifeblood of their business. However, many leaders address incident response for the very first time during the process of attaining compliance or worse, in the midst of responding to an incident. 

What’s more, until now, they’ve had to rely on a manual and haphazard approach using spreadsheets and disjointed software that barely qualify as an incident response program in the eyes of auditors and customers. A flawed response process leads to fines, litigation, and customer churn that are catastrophic to company growth. Given businesses are under immense pressure to grow while facing an ever-increasing threat landscape, incident response needs to be a business imperative. 

“Companies that invest in protecting their customers’ sensitive information and data close more deals successfully and outpace their competition, and the BreachRx platform makes it easier than ever before to demonstrate their commitment to security,” said Andy Lunsford, CEO of BreachRx. With this new offering, companies can quickly and easily build a world-class incident response program and ensure it complies with incident response requirements across a variety of frameworks, including ISO 27001, SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria (TSC), NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CIS Controls, PCI DSS, and many more.

“Digging around and updating old documents, spreadsheets, and emails wastes time better spent on sales,” said Bicheng Chen, CEO and CTO of CPNet, a fast-growing leader in artificial intelligence for industrial manufacturing. “With the BreachRx platform, we now have a report on hand that thoroughly demonstrates we exceed our compliance incident response requirements and protect our customers, which lets us focus on advancing our product and growing our business.”

With BreachRx, teams leverage the platform’s automated compliance workflows so they know exactly what to do by when to quickly achieve compliance with the criteria in each framework. Business leaders can rest assured their security teams are ready to respond to future incidents and focus on closing deals.

“Given the scrutiny being levied on businesses worldwide regarding data security, these new automated workflows allow companies to build trust with their customers and regulators for when the inevitable future incident occurs,” said Matt Hartley, Chief Product Officer of BreachRx.  “We used the BreachRx platform for our own SOC 2 Type II, which greatly accelerated our speed to compliance.” The platform also provides unique features for data breach and incident readiness, including the first proactive, automated Regulatory Risk Surface™ assessment.

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About BreachRx

BreachRx is the leading automated incident reporting and response platform used by security and technical leaders to overcome one of their biggest challenges—reducing cybersecurity regulatory and incident compliance risks. Our SaaS platform’s automated workspace streamlines collaboration and frees internal bandwidth across the business while ensuring compliance with the most stringent global cybersecurity and privacy frameworks. BreachRx is the only automated approach that creates tailored, effective incident response plans and protects privilege in the market today.

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