BreachRx Achieves SOC 2 Type II

The accreditation is the latest example of how our platform puts customer privacy and security first

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Our customers’ security and privacy is our top priority. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that BreachRx has achieved SOC 2 Type II accreditation.

Our company mission is to help organizations manage their regulatory and compliance risk surface. We provide the only holistic approach to incident reporting and response in the market, helping companies increase resiliency and improve customer trust. We can’t do that unless we hold ourselves to the highest standards of security. We are proud to report that an independent auditor agrees that we have done just that by determining that we exceed the Trust Security Criteria of security, availability, and confidentiality with no exceptions.

We view demonstrating compliance in areas like security, availability, and confidentiality as  essential for establishing trust. Whether it’s how we store and process data, including highly-sensitive incident information, identified risks, and related notifications, our security is something we take very seriously. Achieving Type II over the basic Type I indicates not just the design, suitability, and effectiveness of BreachRx security controls, but that they continue to operate effectively over time. We want everyone we work with to trust that we deliver the highest levels of security and compliance possible.

As our customers know, proactively preparing for regulatory and contractual requirements is a fundamental and necessary foundation for any security and privacy program, and that is core to our product. Our customers use the BreachRx platform to stay ahead of the impact of potential risks, which we proved was true for our own company as well. We use our own platform internally, including using it to respond to part of our own SOC 2 audit  – it represents one facet of our core approach to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threats we all face.

The platform enables you to readily fulfill certification requirements for an incident response plan and policy, run tabletop and readiness exercises, demonstrate your integrated incident process, and much more. If your company handles or stores customer data, achieving a SOC 2 represents your commitment to industry best practices for security and privacy. It also gives your sales prospects and customers the confidence that you have the right safeguards in place to protect their data. 

We are proud that we achieved SOC 2 Type II, but it’s really just a start. We have always made a point of going beyond compliance and best practice to adhere to the highest level of security standards – addressing security from the ground up should be a key tenant of product development for everyone. This costs us extra time and money that other companies typically don’t spend, even when they should. We view achieving our SOC 2 certification, particularly with no findings or exceptions, as one way for us to exhibit the power of our approach to our customers.

Learn more about what a SOC 2 Type II entails or see how the BreachRx platform can help your organization prepare for and achieve SOC 2.

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