Integrating Privacy & Security Incident Response

How to Do It and Why It Reduces Risk

Business leaders know privacy incidents are routine. Teams can be juggling up to hundreds of minor incidents at any given moment, with nearly half (47%) also experiencing a major data breach simultaneously in the last year. 

Privacy Counsel plays a critical role in this incident response. In fact, the lion’s share of incident-associated costs are attributed to privacy — not security. The average corporation spent 73%, 76%, and 79% of incident-related resources on legal and privacy in 2019, 2020, and 2021, respectively. 

Privacy should join the driver’s seat of incident management

The above numbers underscore why Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs) are now being held personally liable for incidents in increasing numbers of regulations. 

When it comes to preparing for and responding to incidents, leading privacy teams don’t just partner with security. They become co-pilots. Leading privacy teams are taking the incident management reins to deescalate the number and cost of incidents and truly constrain organizational liability.

Introducing The Chief Privacy Officer’s Guide: Integrating Privacy & Security Incident Response – How to Do It & Why It Reduces Risk

I’m pleased to introduce BreachRx’s latest guide, designed exclusively for privacy and security executives in the C-Suite. 

This guide explores:

  • Why incident response requires privacy leaders’ unique expertise
  • Why privacy can’t afford to wait for security to throw escalated issues over the wall
  • How CPOs benefit from integrated incident response
  • How CISOs and security teams benefit from the partnership with privacy
  • How to integrate privacy and security incident management
  • Benefits for CPOs, CISOs, and the overall business

Readers won’t just gain comprehensive knowledge of proactive incident readiness. They’ll directly support CEOs’ #1 priority — growth — by mastering what CEOs say is biggest threat to their top line (privacy incidents).

Download the guide today.

The CPO’s Guide:
Integrating Privacy and Security Incident Response

How to Do It and Why It Reduces Risk

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